Is it possible to dye hair during menstruation?

Is it possible to dye hair during menstruation?

The question is whether it is possible to dye hair with menstruation, many girls are worried. Since the advent of chemical dyes, hair coloring has grown a huge number of myths. If earlier women selected a date for dyeing and cutting hair only according to the lunar calendar, now many girls are guided by their cycle. We also constantly hear that it is impossible to dye and lighten hair during pregnancy and it is safer to walk with ugly regrowth roots. Another absurd myth – you can not paint up to gray hair. But what does science say? Can I dye my hair with menstruation?

It is believed that if you dye your hair during menstruation, then the color will fall in spots, it will turn out uneven or not at all taken and will become a translation of the product, a waste of money and time – yours and your master. But is it really so?

It is really a fact that during menstruation, as well as during pregnancy, the hormonal background in the female body changes completely. BUT! The hair on our head is, roughly speaking, dead. Their structure does not change from a change in the hormonal background from the moment when they grow by 1-3 cm. Only the structure of “live” hair, which is located exclusively in the basal zone, can change. So, if you signed up for balayazh, ombre or other staining techniques that do not touch the roots, then there will be no problems. And with the roots of the hair, especially no problems should arise.

During menstruation, the hormonal background changes: the first two days we have increased testosterone, more sebum is produced, making our hair “dirty”. These days, the paint will take even better. But on the 3-4th day of the cycle, estrogen is replaced by testosterone, which makes the scalp drier. These days, it is better not to wash your hair before dyeing, since dye will take better on “spoiled” skin fat. But, by and large, the natural process of changing the hormonal background cannot affect the work of hair dyes, the composition of which was developed by professionals. Our games with sebum do not affect the work of chemical dyes.

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