International day without meat March 20: who are vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists

International day without meat March 20: who are vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists

Today, March 20, is the International Day without Meat.

This tradition is already 35 years old, and in some places the action even appropriated the help of the government, Peopletalk adds. By the way, in Sri Lanka, almost all stores do not sell meat products by order of the authorities on this day. The country is urging the entire population of the world to become vegetarians for at least one day a year.

Vegetarianism is a whole system of eating food. Vegetarians completely refuse food of animal origin, but eat eggs, plant foods, as well as milk.

Veganism is already a more strict type of vegetarianism, because vegans do not consume either honey, eggs, or dairy products. Veganism is fully aimed at the absence of any kind of exploitation of products and raw materials of animal origin, it is associated not only with food.

Vegans even refuse to wear any clothes whose elements are made of fur or leather, or which contain animal material.

A raw food diet is an exotic system of eating food, in which all food products are consumed without heat treatment.

Are you ready to live one day without meat

International day without meat is a holiday that will make you think and, perhaps, try at least a day to do without animal products. It is not as difficult as it seems! After all, valuable proteins for the body can be obtained from other sources: milk and eggs, nuts and beans, mushrooms and cereals. Such a diet will not only not affect negatively your well-being, but also give you a feeling of strength and lightness, joy and harmony with the world around you. Many great people of all time have been on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Among them are Pythagoras and Confucius, Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, Mark Twain and Ilya Repin, Vincent Van Gogh and Henry Ford, Brad Pitt and Alec Baldwin, Brian Adams and Anne Hathaway.

The initiator of the holiday was the participants of the American “Movement for the Rights of Farm Animals”. In 1985, the rally on a “diet without violence” was held for the first time, and has since become popular. On March 20, meat and fish are disappearing from store shelves in many countries, and the Sri Lankan government recommends that sellers remove all poultry considered a dietary product that day.

Join the International Day without meat, take care of our planet and your health!

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