In Italy, a new daily death rate from COVID-19: nearly 1,000 people died

In Italy, another jump in mortality from the coronavirus COVID-19. Almost 1 thousand people died in a day.

This is evidenced by the data of the Department of Civil Protection of Italy.

As of the evening of March 27 in Italy, 86,498 cases of COVID-19 were recorded. More than a quarter of cases (23,895) were recorded in the Lombardy region, in the north of the country.

Over the past day, the number of deaths increased to a record 969. The total number of dead patients is 9,134. The number of patients who recovered over the past day increased by 589 and reached 10,950.

Note, at the moment, Italy remains the most affected by a new disease in a European country. Following are Spain and Germany, where 64,059 and 49,344 cases of the disease were recorded.

In addition, the number of cases and deaths in Italy has already exceeded that of China, where COVID-19 was first discovered. Since the outbreak, 81,897 cases of the disease and 3,296 fatal cases have been recorded there. Almost 75 thousand patients recovered.

Italy set the last diurnal record for the number of deaths last Saturday. Then 793 people died from COVID-19 in the country.

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