How to Remember Something That You Forgot?

Useful tips: how can you remember what you forgot about

I think every person had such moments that he forgot something. This can be important information or not, for example: did we turn off the lights at home, iron, what password from social networks or what is the name of this or that person.

Even in our childhood, especially at school, there were often situations when teachers accused us of not learning anything. It’s very disappointing when you really taught, but during stress you can’t remember exactly what. If you had this, then read our article to know how you can remember what literally flew from your head.


Most often we forget information, especially if we paid too much attention to it. For example, when we learn a poem for too long, and then because of this we forget it. What to do in such a situation?

First, you need to try to recall exactly how we learned the information we need. Did we have any attachments, dates or pictures associated with this event.

Secondly, you need to remember our surroundings during memorization. Sounds, smells, sensations, everything is very important here.

If you forgot how to spell an English word, or a mathematical formula, it is best to try to take a piece of paper and write it, your memory will help you with this.


If you don’t remember where you leave your things (these can be headphones, a backpack, exercise books, and so on), then our tips will surely help you.

First check the place where you usually put the thing that you lost. Very often the first time it seems to us that we have lost something.

If this does not help, then try to remember what you did after you put the thing you need somewhere. Try to recreate in your imagination the whole sequence of your actions. For example, what movie did you watch, what did you eat, or with whom did you communicate at that time. The more little things you remember, the faster you will find your loss.

You can still safely go around your entire room, while not delving into the process itself, do not try to concentrate on your searches, your brain will help you do it yourself. As a rule, we find all our lost things in the most prominent places.

If all these tips did not help you, then just go back to the place where you last saw the thing you need.


Very often we forget our passwords. If you can’t remember it in any way, you have tried many different combinations and options, and there is no way to restore access using mail or SMS, then use our tips.

First, try to remember what was part of your password, namely numbers, letters, or a phrase.

Then try to recall some associations that are associated with the time of registration on the site from which you forgot your password. Very often your imagination helps you.

If you forgot your login, then here is a little easier. Try to remember your mail, or enter your first and last name.


It often happens that someone greets you on the street, and you understand that you saw him, or you know, but you just can’t remember. To avoid such awkward situations, you need to know some tips.

If you forgot the person’s name, and he continues the dialogue with you, then just try to sort out the letters of the alphabet in your head and first remember what letter begins his name. If you do this, then your brain and associations themselves will help to remember the name of the mysterious interlocutor.

It will be even easier if you remember the person who introduced you. And also the situation in which it was.

If you forgot a famous person, such as an actor, then just remember the films in which he played, his style, clothes or people from his environment. This will certainly help to remember his name.


Are you still young enough, promising and confident, but sometimes you forget situations that were in the past? This is normal, it happens to everyone.

First of all, remember the people with whom these memories are associated. Next, remember the place where this happened, later the sounds and smells that were around. Thus, building a logical chain, you will recall the story you need.

To never forget anything, stick to three tips:

  1. Try to memorize verses. This may seem strange and banal to some, but actually rhyming words greatly improve your memory.
  2. Every day, before you fall asleep, try to fully remember your day, put everything in the shelves in your head. It will also allow you to improve your brain capabilities.
  3. Love mathematics, nothing develops thinking, logic and memory like ordinary mathematical equations and problems.

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