How to look younger: 7 effective recipes

How to look younger: 7 effective recipes

In the matter of age, only how long you feel and whether you like the reflection in the mirror matters. Want to look younger? Use our helpful tips.

The attitude and the right attitude

There are women who already at the age of 30 complain that youth has passed, and all the best is left behind. And there are women who, even at the age of 70, are in no hurry to record themselves as old women and take maximum pleasure from life. Do not think about age, think about what new prospects open before you. Now that the children have grown up and you have more free time, you can finally do what you are really interested in. Burning eyes, a sense of humor and the ability to be surprised and rejoice every new day are reflected not only in our behavior, but also in appearance.

New image

Remember the last time you fundamentally changed your hairstyle, hair color or makeup? But this is such an easy way to refresh your image and look more modern and young.

The right wardrobe

With the help of clothes, you can throw yourself an extra 10 years, and dump them. To look younger:

  • Refuse too loose and long clothes. Our task is to emphasize the virtues of our figure, and not to hide them;
  • Avoid too dark things, as well as dim swamp and light gray shades. Clothing of such colors can give a person a pale and unhealthy look;
  • Do not rush from one extreme to another. There is nothing more comical than an adult woman dressing like a teenager. Find a middle ground to look elegant;
  • Do not wear a large number of jewelry at the same time. Due to the abundance of large heavy jewelry, we may look older than our years. One bright accessory will be enough to create a spectacular image.

Sport and healthy lifestyle

Want to look younger? Move more and follow the figure. Like it or not, extra pounds immediately add us a few years. Walk more, sign up for the sports section, play active games with your grandchildren, most importantly – do not sit still.

Moisturized and well-groomed skin

Skin condition is the first thing that gives out our age. Moreover, if most women remember the need for facial care, then we often forget about the hands, neck and the rest of the body.

  • Always after a shower, apply nutritious milk to the body.
    Carry hand cream in your purse and use it as needed;
  • Wash dishes and do wet cleaning only with rubber gloves;
  • Use face and body scrubs. They not only remove dead skin particles, but also help the cream to be more effective.

Little makeup tricks

  • Use a makeup base with anti-aging effect – it perfectly evens skin tone and mask imperfections. In addition, it absorbs excess sebum, removing oily sheen;
  • Choose cosmetics with reflective particles that refract light and make skin smoother and younger;
  • Do not use too dense tonal products that can only emphasize wrinkles;
  • Choose warm and neutral shades of lipstick. Too dark saturated colors very often noticeably add age;
  • If the corners of your lips are slightly lowered, highlight them with a highlighter or light foundation.

Balanced diet

We are what we eat. A truth that does not require proof. In order to maintain youthfulness, it is very important to reduce the consumption of flour, coffee, sweet, fried and salty, and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

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