How to accurately choose a profession that suits you?

How to accurately choose a profession that suits you?

Which profession to choose: which one you like or the one that your parents advise? Stable or creative? Get into an office or start your own business? A newly graduated graduate has a lot of options, but his future fate depends on the correct choice. How to behave in such situations so as not to regret missed opportunities?

Step One: Finding an Alternative

If there are only two options, then you can become a hostage of circumstances, lose the freedom of choice. It is necessary to dilute the list with alternative professions, including related specialties, unlikely, but tempting fallback options. They are not appreciated, but give free rein to the imagination, letting go of their own dreams and ambitions.

If there are more options, there will be a feeling that the person is managing the situation, and not she is dictating the conditions. And already this step can lead to the desired result.

Looking through the resulting list, the look will necessarily stop at one of the options. With a sinking heart, a person will understand what he wants to achieve in this life.

Step Two: Evaluation

Each of the professions recorded in the list must be rated on a 10-point scale. The list of criteria can be compiled independently, highlighting what is important in a future position:

  • satisfaction with activities;
  • profitability, profitability;
  • career;
  • the ability to realize creative potential; compliance with abilities, level of knowledge;
  • interest; stability, sense of security, etc.

Theoretically, the option with the maximum number of points is considered ideal. But he may not be as tempting as the one that received the minimum rating. This is due to the fact that not all criteria are equivalent in value.

Step Three: Prioritization

The criteria must be divided into groups according to the degree of significance:

  • very important;
  • important enough;
  • least important.

Evaluation must be carried out based on the first two points, then the chances of making the right choice will increase significantly.

The criterion for the correct decision will be an exciting feeling of satisfaction, hope and joy. Although this choice is ambitious and it has its own shortcomings, it’s a crucial step that everyone has the right to take independently!

We wish you success on the difficult path of professional self-determination.

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