How a Sedentary Lifestyle Accelerates the Aging of the Body

How a Sedentary Lifestyle Accelerates the Aging of the Body

Civilization saved a person from many previously necessary physical exertion, but technological progress, as it turned out, has side effects, and by no means harmless ones. One of the most dangerous is a sedentary lifestyle. How exactly does a lack of physical activity affect a person’s health, and why is exercise disastrous for him?

The human body works like any energy-saving system, that is, functions that for some time remain unclaimed gradually fade away. Dumb, if not “stirring convolutions”, and weakening, if not “playing with muscles”. That is, if you do not train the body, unused muscles atrophy little by little, and if you do not exercise the brain, cognitive functions suffer. A decrease in physical activity provokes the development of a whole complex of negative changes at almost all levels of the body’s vital activity.

The danger here also lies in the fact that these changes occur rather slowly. And day after day, a person does not notice any changes in well-being and state of health, but catches himself already when serious chronic diseases have developed, to get rid of which, without changing the lifestyle, is almost impossible.

The first thing the body suffers

Neglect of physical activity primarily affects the appearance of a person: his skin loses its elasticity, sags, becomes flabby, the figure loses its attractiveness, spreads, muscle mass decreases, and the reserves of adipose tissue, on the contrary, are rapidly increasing, which threatens obesity, which stimulates the development of various diseases .

With a sedentary lifestyle, the physical condition of the body is steadily deteriorating: a person stoops, his chest becomes hollow and narrow, the spine is bent, coordination of movements is disturbed, muscle and vascular tone decrease. The risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and genitourinary systems increases sharply. Hemorrhoids, chronic colitis, bile and urolithiasis become faithful companions of a sedentary lifestyle. In the absence of sufficient motor activity, the metabolism is also disturbed, the body loses vital nutrients – calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, chlorine, phosphorus and others.

Affected – Immunity

Under conditions of limiting physical activity, the body’s reserves are depleted, and it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to adapt to changing living conditions and extreme environmental influences, for example, sharp fluctuations in atmospheric pressure and air temperature. Systematic physical exercises not only train the body, but also maintain the immune system in tone, which helps the body successfully resist various diseases, including oncological ones. If regular training is absent, the body’s resistance to infections decreases sharply.

Running to old age

What needs to be done to surely grow old prematurely? That’s right: limit your physical activity as much as possible and lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle. This is a guaranteed way to age 10 years earlier than your more agile peers. These statistics were obtained as a result of a study conducted by specialists at London’s Royal College, in which 2,400 pairs of twins participated. During the study, scientists conducted a survey of participants on the frequency and intensity of their physical exertion and measured the length of telomeres (end fragments of chromosomes that do not carry hereditary information, protect cell DNA from damage and deformation, and are also a kind of indicator of the aging rate of an organism) in their blood cells . A comparison of these data allowed researchers to conclude that the physically most active participants and those who led a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, but who were 10 years younger than the first, had the same telomere length.

The body of a person leading a sedentary lifestyle is much more susceptible to various kinds of inflammatory processes, damage to cells under the influence of oxygen, a decline in physical strength and depletion of intellectual capabilities than the body of a person who is actively moving. In addition, motor activity is an effective means of dealing with stress, which helps to reduce telomere length.

Drowsiness and insomnia: two in one

If you rarely go out in the fresh air, walk a little and do not do at least basic hygienic exercises every day, you can be sure with almost 100 percent certainty that during the day you often experience lethargy and drowsiness, sleep badly at night, get up in the morning broken, often Feel increased irritability and even aggressiveness. And in the absence of a sound and healthy sleep for a long time, the likelihood of an uncontrolled increase in body weight, the occurrence of anxiety states and even depression, exacerbation of chronic diseases greatly increases.

Day after day, bad mood

Hypodynamia not only inflicts a powerful blow to our well-being and state of physical health, but also destructively affects psychological comfort. Have you noticed how often after a weekend spent lying on the couch by the TV, in the evening, instead of the expected feeling of relaxation, we experience disappointment, sadness and depression? Often, and all week later we are permanently in a bad mood. And, on the contrary, even a short walk at a vigorous pace after a working day spent sitting at the computer returns courage, optimism and good mood.

Even a half-hour motor activity stimulates the production of the so-called hormones of joy in the human body – endorphins. They are not only responsible for a good mood, but also contribute to improving overall well-being, and can also help reduce pain. They have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the central nervous system and stimulate the activity of the brain.

Movement is life!

To avoid all of the above troubles and make your life healthier and more joyful, listen to this advice: move! This, of course, is not an ideal recipe for how to become a long-liver and never get sick, but it will certainly allow you to feel great, have increased working capacity, how to get enough sleep and be always in a good mood.

It’s not even necessary to seriously engage in any kind of sport, the main thing is to move whenever possible: walk in the park, play with children, run, skate, ski and bike, walk the stairs, ignoring the elevators, swim, dance. Physical activity has a beneficial effect on absolutely all functions of the human body. Unfortunately, age-related changes in the body are completely inevitable, but with the help of movement they can be significantly delayed.

A necessary minimum of daily physical activity is a 30-minute walk, jogging, exercise, or any other physical activity. These half an hour a day will help prolong life, avoid premature aging and a number of serious illnesses, as well as maintain intelligence and a clear mind to deep gray hair.

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