Harley Quinn season 2 release date, when to expect the premiere of season 2?

Harley Quinn season 2 release date, when to expect the premiere of season 2?

As many Harley Queen fans already know, the premiere of the first season has already taken place, but the wait for season 2 is almost over. Season 2 will premiere on April 3, 2020!

The charming criminal Harley Queen first appeared in comics in 1992, where she acted as the Joker girl. Her image was a proud girl, capable of committing the most reckless acts that even men could not resist. All residents of Gotham tremble about her criminal activity: from ordinary residents and the police to criminals who were delighted with her. Fans of the comics really liked her image, so they wished to see her on television, which they waited a very long time. And so, already in 2018, it was announced that development was underway to create the first season of the animated series, the main character of which will be Harley Queen.

Harley Quinn Season 2 Trailer (HD)

Of course, it’s impossible not to tell a little about the plot of this series. In it, as mentioned above, the main actions will take place around a girl named Harley Queen, who started sports and works as a psychotherapist. One of her patients was the Joker, whom she was very interested in. Acquaintance with the Joker radically changed her life: being a law-abiding citizen of Gotham, she became a criminal.

Having survived the betrayal from a loved one and being imprisoned, the image of Harley has radically changed.
Escape from prison allowed the girl to find a new companion – Poison Ivy, with whom she is going to fulfill her long-standing dream – to establish her own criminal organization, with which Harley will try to subjugate the whole city. The organization was called “Legion of Doom”, and in addition, the main goal of Harley will take revenge on the long-time offender who broke her heart.

Harley Quinn Season 2 First Look

What adventures will await Harley Queen and her new partners, what goals she will set for herself can be expected and seen in new series. In some cases, it can be noted that certain moments of the plot of the series and the comic book may not coincide, which will cause more interest in the desire to read the comic book and watch the series, as well as add intrigue.

The script was written by the notorious Paul Dini, who began work on the series in mid-2018.

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