Greta Tunberg’s father told about his daughter’s depression

Greta Tunberg's father told about his daughter's depression

Greta Tunberg took up environmental activism after a long depression. Her father Svante Tunberg told CNN about this.

According to him, as a result of the disease, the girl refused to eat and go to school. After that, she became interested in environmental protection.

Greta’s father admitted that at first he had a negative attitude to the choice of her activity. However, now, he said, he is most worried about fake news and hatred for his daughter.

Svante also said that he became a vegan because of Greta’s beliefs. At the same time, the girl’s mother, singer Malena Hernman, refused air travel.

Thunberg gained wide fame after his emotional speech at the UN on September 24, 2019. Then the activist announced the deaths of people and ecosystems due to climate change and accused politicians of thinking only about money, not about environmental safety.

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