Google Home Hub is easier to crack than anticipated

Google Home Hub is easier to crack than anticipated

When it comes to making a device central to the smart home system, there are inevitably people who are starting to claim that such a technological approach carries a lot of vulnerabilities. And it is worth noting that this is indeed so, especially considering the relatively easy way to crack a device. And the smart Google Home Hub, which was claimed to be one of the safest and most thoughtful, in fact turned out to be no less vulnerable than the cheaper and less functional options for such a hub. An experienced hacker named Jerry Gamblin managed to hack the Google Home Hub using regular API algorithms.

However, Google, for its part, noted that although the hack was successful, still the hacker could not get full control over devices connected to the Google Home network, and therefore he did not get full access to their personal data. This indicates that even if an experienced hacker can log into the Google Home API, he will have to work hard to get to the encrypted user data itself.

And the point here is not even in some special encryption format – although it is really present here – but in the fact that the hacker must first connect to the internal Google Home Hub network in order to hack devices connected to the center of the smart home. Most often, this requires a physical impact on the device through direct physical hacking of the device, which can not always be considered by attackers as a justified risk measure. Thus, the situation with the Google Home Hub is not well defined.

In addition, if we are talking about pointing to the most secure and interesting version of the smart home, then Google still continues to lead confidently – mainly due to its special complex encryption algorithms for sensitive and potentially interesting information for hackers. However, it is worth noting that the company is really interested in strengthening security measures in relation to its encryption algorithms to counter attackers.

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