Golden Fund of Hollywood. U.S. legendary actor Douglas dies

Золотой фонд Голливуда. Умер легендарный актер США Дуглас

Michael Douglas’s father, Kirk Douglas, has starred in about 80 films, but a long and successful career has not transformed into many awards.

At the peak of his youth at the age of 103, the legendary actor of the golden era of Hollywood, writer, philanthropist and ex-goodwill ambassador of the US State Department Kirk Douglas died. This was announced on Facebook by his son, also famous actor Michael Douglas.

The real name of Kirk Douglas is Iser Danilovich, later Demsky. In his youth, he was a professional fighter, and when he decided to become an actor, he changed his name for career reasons.

He volunteered for the army during World War II, but was refused due to poor vision. He did his job: he was accepted into the US Pacific Fleet, where Douglas served in 1941-1943, having been slightly injured.

In 1945 he moved to Hollywood, and since the beginning of the 1950s he became one of the leading actors, playing mainly “tough guys”. He received the Golden Globe for Van Gogh’s role in Lust for Life (1956), as well as an honorary Oscar.

Best known for Westerns and the film adaptation of Spartak (1960) Kubrick, where he played a major role. Among other successful paintings by Douglas – “From the Past” (1947), “Letter to Three Wives” (1949), “Champion” (1949), “Vikings” (1958), “Ace in the Sleeve” (1951), “Angry and Beautiful “(1952),” Paths of Glory “(1957). He participated in charity work throughout his career.

24 years ago, Douglas, a heavy smoker, suffered a stroke, after which his speech became very difficult. Surrounded by a large and friendly family, after his film career, he wrote several fiction books and a couple of autobiographies.

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