Fruit diet: losing weight fast and delicious

Fruit diet: losing weight fast and delicious!

Fruit diet is one of the best options for losing weight. After all, with its help you can not only lose weight, but also cleanse your body of toxins, and at the same time gain strength and energy of fruits. On this diet you will feel in a new way, and you won’t have to deny yourself sweets, since the fruits are full of easily digestible sugar – fructose.

This is a pleasant feeling when everyone is looking for some kind of “super diet”, “magic pill”, everyone is tormented, frustrated, and you know that there is a very easy and tasty way to lose weight – this is a 7-day fruit diet.

The benefits of a fruit diet

Maximum effect

In a short time, a fruit diet gives the best results among all. At the same time, let’s not forget about health that will not suffer in any way. This will give the body only a break, the accumulation of energy and will begin to work to cleanse the body.

As a result, your acid-base pH will begin to move towards an alkaline environment, because fruits alkalize the body, which will significantly affect not only weight loss, but also the health of the whole organism.

Tasty and varied

All fruits are very tasty. Who doesn’t like to eat fruit ?! But for some reason we use them as a sweet dessert, and not the main food, although a person is by nature adapted to fruits. Nature has already come up with a large number of fruits that are endowed with a natural taste in contrast to chemical foods and contain a lot of solar energy.

Fruit diet does not apply to mono-diets, although it can be done as such. I personally loved to eat fruit, because it is not only tasty, but also varied. There are many fruits. There are actually more of them than you think!

No calories

That’s why it is worth falling in love with a fruit diet for life. Many diets involve calorie counting. It’s so tiring to weigh something, to compile calorie tables, to think how much you need to eat now. I also went through all this. This may not be a waste of time, but not effective and tedious.

With the transition to a fruit diet, I completely forgot what calories are, how many of them are needed per day, for what body weight, for which gender, and so on. All this is utter nonsense! Yes, nonsense and no more.

Eating fruit, you can’t grow your belly, even if you eat 3 kg of bananas at night, which everyone screams about at every corner. Do not eat bananas, do not eat! They are high in calories. However, if I love them, my bananas.

The calorie content of fruits is so small that gaining 1000 calories per day will be problematic for you. In general, 500-700 calories will be obtained. And this will be enough for the life of your body.

In general, I can eat 2 apples, 2 bananas and 2 kiwis per day. If you count by calories, then I should have gone to the next world for a long time, but no, I’m alive and I feel better than when I scored these 2200 calories that all fashion magazines and calorie calculation tables recommend.

Time saving

In addition to calories, you can forget about pots, pans and recipes. All you need is to go to a store or market and buy fruit. Then do 5 simple steps: wash, cut, put in your mouth, chew, assimilate.

As a result, about 1.5 hours of free time accumulate per day, which can be used more efficiently! For example, do your physical fitness. The easiest way is to start doing a push-up program. In addition to your body, gender or earth, as well as the brain, nothing more will be needed!

No principles

That’s what I like about this diet too. There are no clear rules for making a diet. Today we eat one fish, on the second day we drink only kefir, and on the third – we chew meat. It turns out some kind of lack of freedom. I do not like to be limited. I eat fruits as I want and when I want.

Moreover, as much as I want! Which is also a problem for many. Do not eat after 6. What kind of nonsense! Fruit diet just destroys all the principles that are inherent in other diets. It’s like a 6th generation airplane meets a 4th generation airplane on the battlefield. Two big differences. Moreover, with regards to our diet, we go the other way from complexity to lightness.

I eat after 6, when I do not want to sleep and the body is active. In many articles on the fruit diet, you can read that bananas are better to eat in the morning, because they are multi-calorie. Suddenly, an excess fat will appear if after 6 a few eat. If you eat a cake, it will definitely appear, but with 3-4 bananas in no way.

Cons of a Fruit Diet

You may not be recognized

You may not be recognized in a week. Yes. That is exactly what happened to me. Everyone came up and asked at work: “Where is that guy? No, it wasn’t him. ” My acquaintances, who had not seen me for a month, generally rolled out eyeballs and looked at me in surprise. Get ready for it. It will be necessary to constantly say that it’s me, it’s not another person!

Great attention to your person

Friends began to ask what happened in my life. Maybe stress. No, on the contrary, my mood only improved and my energy is always at its maximum. I only wanted to move more.

How did you do that ?! Yes, everything is simple, I sat on the fruit for a week for pleasure. Try it, a fruit diet works wonders. Many have the desire to lose weight, but there is no intention to have a beautiful body and be healthy. Especially, of course, more questions are asked by girls for whom beauty is almost in the first place. And what, and how, and how much ?! You will need to be patient and tell.

Cash spending

You have to spend a little money, but not because the fruit is expensive. For this indicator, so much money is spent per week as with omnivores. I want to say about another aspect – about clothes. Volumes will not keep you waiting and will begin to decrease, and therefore you will have to run to the store and buy new clothes.

I walked in the old one for a long time, making a hole in my belt several times to support my jeans, but then I got tired and went and updated my entire wardrobe.

For some, this will seem a minus, but for someone a plus.

7 day fruit diet

The duration of this diet can be any. Do not forget about the most important principle of a fruit diet – there are no principles.

I will not advise to go on a fruit diet for 3 days, because in such a short time there may not be an effect and you will think that nothing works. 3 days, in my opinion, is not enough for the body to include all its forces to cleanse the body. Therefore, ideally, 7 days will be enough.

To improve performance, I recommend 6 days on fruit and 7 days to drink only ginger tea with honey. For those who want even greater results, then every day for 30 minutes of physical activity. I like to organize my body bike rides every day for 1 hour. I also burn somewhere else 500 calories.

If you are satisfied with the result and want to repeat it, then try 14 days, but it is not so simple as it seems at first glance. A fruit diet for 30 days will change not only your appearance, but also your consciousness so that you want to abandon omnivorousness. Checked by yourself.

Fruit diet and – 10 kg

Now we have already reached the most interesting thing – the numbers. How much can you lose extra pounds on a fruit diet in a week? The answer will be mixed. Do you know why? Because the starting weight and the degree of slagging of the body are different for everyone. Therefore, it’s impossible to say specifically how much you lose. The average figure is somewhere per kilogram 10.

The more your weight and the further it goes beyond your height, the more chances there are to turn from a gray ugly duckling into a beautiful white swan. I will give 2 examples now to make it more clear.

First, I will describe a person with a height of 180 cm and a weight of 110 kg. This I’m talking about a man who loves to eat. Now imagine the following picture:

So he looks in his mirror and realizes that his stomach has grown already, God forbid. It’s time to lose weight, otherwise no attention from the fair and charming sex is observed for a long time and wearing a large abdomen affects the physical and psychological state.

And in this example, after 7 days on a fruit diet with 110 kg it’s easy to lose everything 10. Easy! People with a lot of weight will notice the result faster than thin ones.

The second example is my personal experience. When I started conscious experiments with health, weight and beauty of the body, I did not know what the result would be. But he was very positive.

The initial data were as follows. Growth – 172, weight – 67. After the first month I lost 7 kg and I was 60. It was such a psychological mark for me that I was afraid to cross, it was scary.

But in the second month I began to eat fruit and a week later I lost another 5 kg. It would seem, well, where else. And so it was already thin, I thought that all the water was gone along with salt, fat deposits and toxins. After another week, I see already 53 kg on the scales.

I simply did not believe what I saw on the scales and in the mirror. My body has completely changed. And the result was simply amazing – 14 kg in 1.5 months, despite the fact that my weight was almost ideal in relation to growth.

Therefore, I can’t say for sure how much your weight will decrease. I can say one thing – you will be satisfied with the result.

Fruit diet: a sample menu

Once again I repeat that there are no principles for compiling a menu both in content and in time. We eat when we want, how much we want and what we want. Complete freedom.

I will give only my diet for one day.

8:00 1 banana, 1 orange, 1 apple
9:00 a glass of water
10:00 1 pear
11:00 A glass of water
12:00 1 melon
13:00 Glass of water
14:00 A handful of grapes
15:00 Glass of water
16:00 Apricots or bananas
17:00 A glass of water
18:00 3-4 apples

What turns out. 6 receptions of fruit and 6 glasses of water. Water is generally our main purifier, so we drink it between meals. It also helps to kill the feeling of hunger, which will constantly appear at the beginning of the practice.

I repeat once again. It doesn’t matter what fruit we eat, it doesn’t matter what time we eat, it doesn’t matter how much we eat. All the same, the weight will go away, and the body will recover.

You need to look at the process of losing weight as something easy, and not as hard labor. And this fruit diet can give this lightness.


So, the fruit diet for me is the number one diet. Diet on fruits is the maximum effect in a short time, tasty for yourself and good for the body, affordable, because fruits can be bought at any store and a big time saver, i.e. no standing at the stove and fuss with a frying pan.

A fruit diet is a way to change yourself and your life, and maybe the life of people around you. But let’s not forget that this is just a diet, i.e. program aimed at quick and short results.

In order to always look beautiful, in good physical shape you need to make most of your diet from fruits.

Personally, after checking the effectiveness of the fruit diet, I realized that I need to switch to fruitorianism. Of course, I’m not in a hurry and am moving towards this with my speed. Someday I’ll come to this.

Fruitorianism is a way of life and the path to it is very difficult. But for those who want to simply lose weight and not give up various goodies, I advise you to periodically sit on a fruit diet.

I wish you a delicious diet and no less tasty results.

Attention! This article is just a personal experience of one person, and not a direct guide to action. Before starting any diet, be sure to consult with doctors and nutritionists. The main thing is no extremes!

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