Four cruise ship passengers hospitalized in New Jersey due to suspected coronavirus

Four cruise ship passengers hospitalized in New Jersey due to suspected coronavirus

Because of suspected coronavirus, four Chinese were hospitalized.

The Anthem Of The Seas cruise ship, which arrived on February 7 at a port in Bayonne, New Jersey, near New York, was suspected of being infected with coronavirus among its tourists. In this regard, four passengers were quarantined at the local hospital for a thorough examination.

This was reported in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is known that tourists traveled by cruise ship in the Caribbean for 12 days. And during this time they visited San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. John, St. Kitts and Antigua. It was planned that passengers will go ashore on Friday morning, February 7th.

After the airliner docked in Bayonne, doctors from the Center for Disease Control arrived there to examine all tourists and take a test for coronavirus. As a result of the initial examination, 23 people who did not find an ailment were sent to Newark Liberty International Airport for further flight to China.

It is clarified that a total of 27 Chinese citizens were on board the ship. At the same time, local media do not exclude that the doctors could be wrong and the tourists caught a flu or a cold. Now they are undergoing a thorough examination in the hospital.

In turn, the mayor, Jimmy Davis, said on Twitter that he was informed about the arrival of the liner and expressed confidence that the medical experts “are fully prepared and have all the necessary equipment to respond to any problems that may cause concern.”

Recall that a virus that looks like a cold, but, unlike it, very quickly infects the lungs and other organs, began with a seafood market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Now the market itself is closed and fenced with police tape, and decontamination activities are actively taking place in the city. Control is tightened at airports not only in China – Thailand, Australia and Japan carefully monitor passengers.

Basic recommendations for avoiding coronavirus infection:

avoid contact with animals;
do not eat raw or poorly processed meat;
avoid contact with people who have signs of the disease;
wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

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