Forty unguided missiles were fired at US facilities in Iraq

Forty unguided missiles were fired at US facilities in Iraq. What to expect next?

On the night of January 5, Iranian military units and pro-Iranian groups in Iraq launched a series of powerful attacks against US military targets. Almost simultaneously, the US Embassy in Baghdad and the American military base Balad, located 70 kilometers from the Iraqi capital, underwent rocket fire.

Other American military installations in Iraq were also hit, and it was found that at least 20 missiles were fired at an American military base in the north of Baghdad.

American military helicopters, which circled above the embassy in Baghdad and should evacuate personnel, are visible above the city.

Iran mobilized its forces near the borders of the republic, the alarm raised the aircraft that patrol the borders of the country, which could indicate a serious escalation in the region.

Against the backdrop of a serious escalation of the situation in the Middle East, a ballistic missile was possibly seen in the night sky over the northern part of Iraq, which could well have been launched from Iran as a response to the elimination by Washington of Qassem Suleimani, but there are no official statements on the possible launch of missiles. Therefore, this is not accurate information.

According to official figures, the following were hit:

US Embassy in Baghdad;

Al-Jidiriya District in Baghdad;

US Air Force Base Balad;

US Air Force Base Al-Kindi in Mosul Province;

Presidential Palace in Baghdad.

So far, 15 injuries are known, among which, at least three US military personnel from among those guarding the US embassy in Baghdad.

It also became known that the Hezbollah organization claimed responsibility for the attack.

By its actions, the US brought the situation almost to the start of a new Big War in the Middle East, at least 40 missiles were already fired at American military facilities in Iraq. It was preliminary established that either MLRS rockets or other unguided missiles were used.

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