Forever young: 10 fashion tips on how to look younger by choosing the right clothes

Forever young: 10 fashionable tips for looking younger. Anti-age clothes

Speaking about the components of the magic elixir of youth, many imply only miraculous skin care products, while forgetting about the equally important ingredient – the right style. MAGNEWS – about how to choose clothes that will help you become more confident in yourself.


The obvious truth is that blindly following the latest trends makes people fashionable, but not stylish. Do not strive to keep up with all the new trends in fashion, stop at those that you can easily enter into your wardrobe. Take the example of the Jordanian Queen Rania, who, like no other, knows how to competently dilute the classics with the main trends of the season. So, for example, the queen picked up Tibi wide trousers of an unusual cut in a set for an elegant white blouse – a striped insert added a bit of originality to the strict look.


You can lengthen your legs and add a couple of centimeters to growth simply by following a few simple rules. First, choose straight lines of a classic cut with a high waist. An additional bonus will be a print of vertical stripes and lines – it will allow you to look slimmer. Secondly, to visually stretch the silhouette often pick up shoes to match the skin. The beige color creates a continuous line, thanks to which the legs will appear longer. Thirdly, wear shoes on a high platform – it will be a great alternative to medium-length boots, low ankle boots and sandals with ankle straps that shorten your foot.


It is not for nothing that denim acquired such a cult status: clothing made of durable, comfortable and never losing its relevance material has no age restrictions. Nevertheless, we still note that jeans will look the most successful without stains and scuffs – so you minimize the risk of an unsuccessful image.


Prints should be treated with caution: large patterns and complex drawings can distort proportions and emphasize the flaws of the figure. A win-win option – monophonic things and sets, designed in a single color scheme: a monochrome creates a single vertical, due to which you will appear taller.


Black, contrary to popular belief, is not so universal. Perhaps the most unpleasant feature of this color is that, as a rule, it emphasizes wrinkles and makes the skin tone paler, depriving us of freshness and natural blush. Of course, this does not mean that you must completely abandon black – try to find an acceptable balance for you in the combination of colors. Wear more pastel shades, add small bright accents, and pick up the lower part of clothes in dark tones.


However, not only color matters, but also material. High-quality fabrics are another key to youth: in addition to the fact that a smooth texture will hide the slightest hints of real age, things from natural fabrics look much more advantageous than synthetic analogues and will last you more than one year.


Even an expensive branded item will not emphasize your beauty if it is not your size. A trip to the studio will easily solve this problem, but not everyone understands the importance of this service. The hand of the master can breathe new life into your wardrobe and bring any thing to perfection. If you are still in doubt, take a look at Melania Trump. Perfectly fitting dresses and suits are one of the reasons why the images of the first lady so often produce a wow effect.


Have you ever paid attention to the earrings that the Duchess of Cambridge chooses? Now we do not mean value, but shape and color. Kate Middleton in most cases prefers miniature earrings that resemble a drop of water in shape and cover the earlobe. This choice is not accidental: round earrings visually rejuvenate the face, softening the contours and giving the missing volume in the cheekbones. Remember the color of the metal from which the earrings are made, and choose it in accordance with your color type. For representatives of the winter-summer color type, earrings with a cold metallic tint are perfect, and autumn-spring, on the contrary, with a bronze or golden hue.


There is much debate about the age at which short length ceases to be appropriate. However, we are convinced that in this matter you must first listen to your own inner voice. The First Lady of France is actively arguing that there are no bans on lengths above the knee and boldly appears in short skirts at official receptions and meetings with heads of state. What can we say about the same age as Bridget supermodel Christie Brinkley, who looks in a mini no worse than her 19-year-old daughter. The best evidence is that a real woman has three ages: youth, second youth, and eternal youth.


Less is better. Endless layers of clothing, fantasy frills, an excessive abundance of ruffles and lace will not decorate you, but will add extra years and kilograms. Bet on brevity and simplicity – this way you will feel much more comfortable. A supporter of minimalism in everyday life is Angelina Jolie: the star’s exits serve as an example of femininity and sophistication.

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