Food that is abnormally addictive

Food that is abnormally addictive

Not everyone knows that a number of products can cause a person to addiction, which resembles a drug. Passion for some of them can cause significant harm to both health and body.

So, alkaloids, caffeine and sugar, which chocolate is rich in, cause a plentiful release of serotonin – the hormone of happiness. Therefore, when its amount decreases, there is a desire to eat another piece, and then another piece, etc. In addition, fats and sugar, which are part of sweets, increase blood sugar, which sooner or later leads not only to addiction, but also to diabetes. To avoid dependence on this product, it is better to use no more than 15 g per day, and also increase the intake of proteins (meat, beans) and complex carbohydrates (cereals).

Increases serotonin and cheese. The reason for this is tryptophan in the composition of the product. Observe the daily rate of cheese products, about 20 g, and you do not face dependence.

The caffeine and sugar that make up coffee and sweet soda are pulled into their nets, improving the sensitivity of dopamine receptors. As a result, a person has a feeling of satisfaction, well-being, and the motivation and desire for learning are also strengthened. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink more than 3 cups of these drinks per day.

The most dangerous foods on this list are fast food and salty snacks. What they are not rich in: sugar, salt, casein, flavorings, monosodium glutamate. Irritating the taste buds, these substances are addictive to the “brightness” of the taste so much that the natural and healthy food as a result seems tasteless. Nutritionists recommend giving up such food gradually until it completely disappears from the diet.

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