Five-year-old Boy Who Stole His Mother’s Car Was Given a Ride on a Lamborghini

Five-year-old Boy Who Stole His Mother’s Car Was Given a Ride on a Lamborghini

The five-year-old resident of Utah Adrian Zamarripa became known throughout the world. This happened thanks to his quarrel with his mother, after which he stole her car and went for his dream.

The quarrel occurred against the background of the unwillingness of the mother to buy her son Lamborghini. So he took advantage of the carelessness of his brother, who left the child in charge of him, got behind the wheel and went to California. He went there to buy this very hypercar.

About the boy it became known thanks to the police, whose attention was attracted by a car moving along the highway at a speed of 30 mph. Which is about two to three times lower than normal speed on the highway.

As soon as the police car turned on the siren, the car of the slow intruder stopped. Expecting to see the usual picture in the form of a drunk driver, the policeman was stupefied when he realized that in front of him was a five-year-old child who could barely reach the pedals. I wonder how he would buy a Lamborghini, because he only had $ 3 in his pocket? Young Adrian was returned home, and the court will decide how to punish parents.

The news of this incident spread throughout the world. And, strangely enough, the parents’ mail was not filled with threats and accusations of stupidity and irresponsibility, but with the proposals of the local Lamborghini owners to drive the child in their car.

One of the proposals belonged to Jeremy Neves – the owner of the black Lamborghini Huracán. And Adrian’s parents accepted him.

The result was touching photos telling us how important and good it is to dream at least sometimes:

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