Fewer Americans Shun Small Gatherings – Poll

Fewer Americans Shun Small Gatherings - Poll

74% of Americans say they shun small gatherings. This is 10% less than at the end of March. This is indicated by the results of a study of the sociological group Gallup.

In addition, now 17% of respondents said they would participate in small gatherings of people. This is 12% more than in the previous survey. The survey also notes that supporters of the US Democratic Party and non-partisan voters more often report that they avoid groups of people.

The data are superimposed on the dissatisfaction of some Americans with long-term quarantine measures. In numerous US cities, actions were held for the resumption of the economy, the opening of institutions and the like.

Observers note that such measures should not detract from the fact that the vast majority of Americans warn against prematurely curbing restrictive measures.

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