Family Therapist Amie Harwick dies, ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse arrested

Family Therapist Amie Harwick dies, ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse arrested

Psychoanalyst Amie Harwick fell out of a third floor window when she tried to escape from an attacker.

The death of the former bride of the American comedian and showman Drew Carey is investigated by the police, reports LAPD. On the morning of February 15, law enforcement officers were informed by telephone of a woman screaming in the Hollywood Hills area. Arriving at the scene, the police found a neighbor of family therapist Amie Harwick. She said that an unknown assailant attacked a psychoanalyst in an apartment.

The police entered the room and found that the lady had fallen from the third floor. Harwick was taken to the hospital, where she soon died from her injuries.

The evidence gathered allowed us to conclude that someone forced the lady to jump from the balcony in an attempt to save her life. Law enforcement officers examined the recordings from the surveillance cameras and found out that the suspect was a white man dressed in black. Ex-guy Dr. Amie Harwick, Gareth Pursehouse, came under the description.

As it turned out, shortly before her death, the therapist expressed concern about Pursehouse. Once he harmed her, for which the court forbade him to approach Harwick. Two weeks before the tragedy, the prohibition order has expired. Recently, a woman has already seen the former. Police arrested him on suspicion of murder.

Showman Drew Carey and Dr. Harwick began dating in 2017 and announced their engagement at the beginning of 2018. However, they broke up in less than a year.

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