Does vitamin C help fight coronavirus?

Does vitamin C help fight coronavirus?

It is no secret that according to many doctors and nutritionists, vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system and helps in the fight against colds. Scientists from Wuhan University decided to test this theory and test the vitamin in 120 patients infected with coronavirus. This was reported by The Daily Mail.

Every day, patients were injected with 24 g of vitamin C course for 7 days. The results of the study are still unknown. However, doctors from Wuhan decided to increase the rate of vitamin intake by 60 times for the most noticeable effect. Previously, researchers in the UK used a dose 24 times less than established by Chinese experts. Then the doctors conducted experiments with vitamin C to combat colds and SARS.

Virologists at Imperial College London argue that massive studies of the effect of vitamin C are needed for a noticeable effect and accurate results.

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