Developed a New Antimicrobial Agent That Protects Against Viruses For 90 Days

Developed a New Antimicrobial Agent That Protects Against Viruses For 90 Days

In connection with the spread of coronavirus, disinfectants disappeared from stores. It is important to understand that often they do not provide long-term protection against viruses, but only clean the surface of dangerous microorganisms. An antimicrobial agent created by Chinese researchers works in a completely different way. It not only kills almost all known viruses and bacteria, but also prevents their appearance. It is reported by

In fact, MAP-1 was created back in 2013 after more than ten years of research. It then went through a series of tests, including at a Hong Kong hospital. It is reported that from 2013 to 2015, a minimal bacterial background was recorded in several departments. In 2018, a scientific article was published with clinical evidence of the effectiveness of the drug.

According to scientists at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, this antimicrobial agent is effective against most known viruses, including coronavirus. But most importantly, microbes do not collect on the surface treated by them for about 90 days. It is suitable for processing glass, metal, plastic, leather and fabric.

MAP-1 is made from heat-sensitive polymers, which, according to the inventors, react to contamination from touch or drops. This is achieved by releasing more disinfectant. Scientists say that all components of MAP-1 are not toxic, which makes it possible to use it in public places. The new disinfectant will go on sale in May. So far, only in Hong Kong.

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