Coronavirus pandemic saves Earth’s atmosphere

Coronavirus pandemic saves Earth's atmosphere

The coronavirus pandemic, which has spread across the globe, has provoked a decline in human activity, paralyzing many industries and modern areas of activity that cause irreparable harm to the atmosphere of our planet. The quarantine introduced in many countries, which paused many processes, positively displayed on the general ecology of the Earth.

Experts and analysts have noted a significant decline in emissions of nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere in the last time. At the same time, scientists said that the reduction in harmful substances amounted to 50%.

Each process always has a downside, which is displayed on its consequences. In the case of coronavirus, which greatly affected all of humanity in the most negative light, our planet is experiencing its positive results, freeing the Earth’s atmosphere from human waste products, such as carbon dioxide and other emissions that pollute the air. Scientists from NASA and the European Space Agency drew attention to this effect.

Satellite imagery shows a significant improvement in the atmosphere over China.

Satellite images released by organizations vividly demonstrate the fact that emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) over cities in China and Europe have been significantly reduced. Similar data were obtained from the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, which showed how nitrogen dioxide emissions over Northern Italy have changed since the restriction measures for coronavirus were established here.

Carbon monoxide and methane emissions were reduced by 50% in New York, BBC analysts said. In addition, the atmosphere has become much cleaner in Los Angeles.

“I expect that in May we will have the smallest increase in peak CO2 that we have recorded in the northern hemisphere since 2009 or even earlier,” said Professor Rosin Commaré of Columbia University, who was researching the atmosphere over New York.

But such a situation is expected to last only until the world quarantine period is terminated.

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