Coronavirus news in the world

Coronavirus news in the world

The peak of the spread of the virus occurs in mid-February, when the virus first left the territory of China and began to spread in various countries of the world. From this moment on, our site constantly updates information and monitors the situation with the virus. You can find all the necessary information about COVID-19 on the website in the section specially created for this: Map of the coronavirus online.

People from different parts of our planet are monitoring the situation and preparing for a pandemic. Many countries have already declared quarantine, many are only preparing for it. Two weeks for the full recovery and disappearance of the virus – this is the term scientists call it, so personal hygiene and temporary isolation is the right way to deal with the virus.

Good news from medical organizations comes from different countries: research institutes in Canada, the USA, China and other countries are working to create a vaccine against the virus. Now testing is taking place on animals and on volunteers among people. According to the head of the World Health Organization, the time required to create a vaccine can take from 12 to 18 months.

Does warm weather help stop coronavirus or is it a myth?

Surely you have already heard information about the fact that the COVID-19 virus can stop its spread in the spring due to the fact that such viruses tend to spread only in the cold season. However, the susceptibility of viruses to mutations casts doubt on this fact. Experts and doctors around the world have not yet sufficiently studied the virus in order to accurately predict its spread. The change of seasons will undoubtedly have a small effect on the development of the coronavirus, however, it is worth remembering that the seasons change in parallel in different hemispheres, and if the spring-summer period begins in the northern hemisphere, then in the southern part of our planet winter only enters into its powers.

What to expect from coronavirus in the near future?

“Due to the fact that this is a new virus, almost the entire population of the planet does not have developed immunity to it,” the doctors say. The worst-case scenario for humanity is a “simultaneous illness of more than half of the people in society,” which is probably not critical in ideal conditions, but with the current crisis in the healthcare sector in many countries, the disease will overload the medical field and lack of necessary equipment. The virus will necessarily affect everyday life: people no longer have the opportunity to go to school, attend sports classes, go to work and have fun.

Depending on your place of residence, please follow all the necessary rules that are introduced in your area to prevent the further spread of the virus. Only well-coordinated actions of society under quarantine will help overcome COVID-19. The following groups of people are potentially vulnerable to COVID-19: pregnant women, people over 50, people with a weakened immune system and the presence of chronic diseases.

However, in this situation, positive aspects can be seen: the further spread of the virus leads to the fact that people around them develop a certain immunity, which then helps stop the virus. However, again, it’s impossible to predict all of this, given today’s information on Coronavirus.

Hand washing, observance of obvious rules of hygiene, self-isolation and social distance are the methods of protection against coronavirus accessible to everyone. The fight against the pandemic of the new virus depends directly on the collective actions of mankind, and the personal actions of everyone. Do not panic if you feel one of the symptoms of coronavirus, because if you are not in a vulnerable category, the probability of infection is not high and maybe these are just symptoms of a common cold. But be sure to contact the nearest medical institution for testing for the presence of a virus in the body. For an ordinary person who maintains a healthy lifestyle and habit, coronavirus is not a threat.

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