Coronavirus Map. Tracking the Global Outbreak: how the disease spreads

Coronavirus: nearly 80 thousand people have overcome the disease

In total, 182,406 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the world, 79,433 people were cured.

Source: Coronavirus distribution map from Johns Hopkins University Center for System Research and Engineering

Details: 7154 people died from virus-related complications.

Over the past day, more new cases were recorded in Italy – 3233. 349 people died there, 414 were cured.

In Spain, during this time, 2144 new patients were confirmed, 53 fatal cases and 13 people who overcame the disease were reported.

In Germany, 1,477 people were found infected, 6 people died, 21 were discharged from the hospital.

In Poland, 58 cases were recorded, 13 people recovered.

The United States reports 1,133 infections and 22 deaths per day. Only 5 people were cured.

In Holland, the virus was confirmed in 279 people.

In Belgium, Canada and Austria, more than 150 infected per day. Also there, with the exception of Canada, no one was healed.

At the same time, in China over the course of this period, 30 cases of infection were counted. Another 893 people overcame coronavirus, 14 became victims.

Many people also recovered in South Korea (627). There was not a single death recorded per day.

In Iran, the number of infected increased by 1053 people.

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