Coronavirus map. Global outbreak tracking: how the disease spreads across the planet

Coronavirus Map. Tracking the Global Outbreak: how the disease spreads

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by (CSSE) at (JHU)

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A new virus was detected in late December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, central China. The virus was found near the market for sea products and, according to the first preliminary studies, signs of human infection from the animal were revealed. Today, such speculations are being questioned and various versions of the occurrence of the disease are being put forward.

The first infected were about 27 people, they were immediately quarantined in Wuhan. But the spread of the disease went further around the city and spread beyond the area of ​​the seafood market. The municipality of Wuhan immediately quarantined the city, but this did not help, because it was not immediately clear that it was such a dangerous disease and it continued to spread inside China.

Subsequently, the virus spread to all areas of China, and subsequently spread to other countries of the world. The borders of states are open today and therefore anyone can travel freely to different countries of the world. This is what enables the virus to spread easily and simply among people.

Many states today close their borders, establish quarantines when entering a country from another country, and also isolate states and internal displacement.

Isolation today is called upon to be one of the best forms of combating coronavirus. Also, a large number of sports and public events were canceled; all institutions in which a large number of people can gather are closed.

The World Health Organization has recognized this pandemic virus, which spreads around the world. The virus spreads very quickly and at the same time has a high mortality rate, which is several times higher than normal flu.

Follow the news related to the corona virus on our website and you can know exactly how many people have become infected today and how many have already died from this disease. We publish tables with data, as well as statistics on infection in the USA and the world on our pages.

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