Coronavirus has Changed the Underground Activity of the Planet

Coronavirus has Changed the Underground Activity of the Planet

Scientists have announced a reduction in seismic noise due to the coronavirus pandemic by 30-50%, so experts have the opportunity to record tremors previously inaccessible due to the noise of cities.

According to scientists, thanks to the introduction of global measures that are designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, the world has become much calmer.

For the first time, Thomas Lecock, who is a geologist and seismologist at the Royal Observatory in Belgium, spoke about this phenomenon in Brussels. According to the scientist, noise reduction on such a scale is quite rare, sometimes at Christmas.

According to the scientist, from mid-March in Brussels there has been a noticeable decrease in the level of seismic noise by 30-50% after schools and enterprises were closed in the country, as well as after the introduction of other measures involving social distance.

Scientists were faced with a curious phenomenon in Brussels: due to a decrease in urban activity, it was possible to detect the presence of small earthquakes and other seismic events, which until this period, seismic stations simply could not register.

Speaking directly about the seismic station in Brussels, which often does not bring much benefit, it is known that in modern conditions it has become much more efficient, because its ground-based seismometer has become as sensitive to the occurrence of small earthquakes and shocks as a similar device, which installed at a depth of 100 meters underground.

Thomas Lecock replied that reducing noise in cities directly indicates that the population listens to the recommendations of the government and adheres to all the rules, albeit with rare exceptions.

The matter is not limited to Brussels alone, as seismologists from other cities also noticed a similar effect of the coronavirus COVID-19 on the situation.

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