Coronavirus detected in all 50 US states

Coronavirus detected in all 50 US states

COVID-19 coronavirus infection has been recorded in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia, 100 people have died.

According to CNN, 5,800 cases and 100 deaths are currently reported in the United States.

The highest rates of coronavirus infection remain in New York State (1,374), followed by the states of Washington (914), California (509), New Jersey (267), Massachusetts (218) and Florida (210) .

In 37 US states, public schools are closed.

Coronavirus is found in all states of the USA and all countries of Europe

More than 198 thousand people worldwide got a coronavivirus infection, according to Johns Hopkins University. Among them, 81,950 people recovered, 7948 people died.

In the evening of March 17, Montenegro reported the first two cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection. The virus was found in patients coming from the United States and Spain. Until that moment, Montenegro was considered the last country in Europe where there are no cases.

The Spanish government reported that another 182 people died from coronavirus in a day, the total number of deaths rose to 491. Spain became the second country in the world after Italy, where the death toll is growing fastest. In total, 11,178 people found the virus in the country. The local Ministry of Health decided to give out about a million medical masks to doctors, half of which was donated by China.

In China, another 13 people were found to have coronavirus per day, and in 12 cases people who arrived in China from other countries fell ill. In Hubei province, where the epidemic of coronavirus infection began, one person was diagnosed with the disease per day. The total number of cases in the country exceeded 80894 people.

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