Coronavirus COVID-19: country-specific morbidity and mortality statistics

Coronavirus COVID-19: country-specific morbidity and mortality statistics

The world announced a pandemic of coronavirus, which was recorded in almost all countries of the world. How many people became infected, recovered, and died – see statistics below.

Health 24 is monitoring the statistics of confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the world on the John Hopkins Center website.

As of March 29, the most patients were recorded in the United States, the most deaths were confirmed in Italy, and the impressive number of people who recovered were in China.

COVID-19 infection statistics, how many recovered and died: 10 first in the number of countries:

  1. USA
    Number of patients: 124,686
    How much recovered: 2,612
    Deaths: 2,191
  2. Italy
    Number of patients: 92,472
    How much recovered: 12,384
    Deaths: 10,023
  3. China
    Number of patients: 82,061
    How much recovered: 75,576
    Deaths: 3 304
  4. Spain
    Number of patients: 78,797
    How much recovered: 14,709
    Deaths: 6,528
  5. Germany
    Number of patients: 58,247
    How much recovered: 8,481
    Deaths: 455
  6. Iran
    Number of patients: 38,309
    How much recovered: 11 133
    Deaths: 2,378
  7. France
    Number of patients: 38 105
    How much recovered: 5,724
    Deaths: 2,317
  8. Great Britain
    Number of patients: 17,320
    How much recovered: 151
    Deaths: 1,021
  9. Switzerland
    Number of patients: 14,352
    How much recovered: 1,595
    Deaths: 282
  10. Belgium
    Number of patients: 10,836
    How much recovered: 1,359
    Deaths: 431

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