Conor wants to replace Khabib vs Tony

Conor wants to replace Khabib vs Tony

Khabib vs. Tony Ferguson in April is the main reason why McGregor and Cerrone will fight in 77 kilograms.

“What is the point now to reduce to 155 pounds? If something goes wrong with them, I will be ready to replace them in this fight, ”says McGregor.

What else did the Irishman say? Who is the clear favorite in the battle of Cerrone vs McGregor? And what does Tony have to do with Khabib?

Recall that the battle of Khabib and Ferguson broke down four times already.

If Khabib and Ferguson nevertheless end up in the octagon, then McGregor will be the next contender for the title in case of victory over Serrone – UFC president Dan White has already announced this. In addition, the Irish wants a fight with Jorge Masvidal.

Nobody believes in Cerrone, bookmakers call McGregor a clear favorite.

In his 50th career and in the 35th in the UFC fight, the 36-year-old Cerrone will earn the biggest fee in life: $ 2 million. McGregor’s fee is 5 million.

Cerrone is given a 3.25 odds to win. The American is considered an underdog in his seventh row in a row, but his chances have never been rated so low. ESPN announced a future bout as McGregor’s return, but didn’t even mention who the Irishman would fight with.

Gatgy and Masvidal predict Cerrone’s defeat in the first two rounds, Georges Saint-Pierre advises him to work on the ground. And that sounds like a perfect gameplay: Cerrone has really strong grappling.

However, McGregor worked a lot on defense against the fight in preparation for the battle against Khabib – and continues to grind it to this day.

UFC President Dana White calls for respect for Cerrone:

“People forgot that he was already in a series of two defeats, after which he returned and gave an incredible victory procession.”
However, White will be the last person who will be pleased with the victory of the Cowboy: she will turn Khabib vs Conor revenge poster.

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