China Returns Quarantine Restrictions for More Than 100 Million People

China Returns Quarantine Restrictions for More Than 100 Million People

China imposes strict quarantine restrictions due to the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 in the northeast. This was reported by the world media with reference to the Chinese state press. The restrictions will affect about 108 million people and will be similar to quarantine measures in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic began.

In Jilin province, transportation has been suspended: trains and buses are closed, schools are closed, and about 8,000 people have been quarantined. Quarantine restrictions have already been introduced in Jilin in March and February.

China’s sharp response to the relatively small number of infections, which according to local official reports is less than 150 in the province, indicates fears of a re-emergence of the coronavirus in the country. A few weeks ago, China began lifting quarantine restrictions imposed earlier this year.

Representatives of the international community criticized China for keeping silent about the beginning of the epidemic in the country and reducing the number of victims of the disease, which later grew into a global pandemic.

Public health experts are trying to find out why some patients are being re-diagnosed with coronavirus after they appear to have recovered. Earlier, such cases were reported by the South Korean authorities.

There are also doubts about the accuracy of the tests, which may not be able to detect the virus when its concentration is low.

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