China has isolated three cities to curb the spread of coronavirus

China has isolated three cities to curb the spread of coronavirus

Wuhan, Huangang, Ezhou and Chiba with a total population of 20 million people are quarantined. Transport communication with these cities is completely prohibited – buses do not run, the metro and ferries do not work, the airport and railway stations are closed. Also, all entertainment venues in these cities have stopped working, and residents are allowed to leave only for “special reasons.”

Tour operators were ordered to cancel all planned flights, and Beijing authorities announced that this year there will not be two of the largest fairs. The country’s railway operator promised to start refunding tickets on Friday.

To date, 633 coronavirus cases have been confirmed, 95 patients are in critical condition. Shelves of shops are rapidly emptying, there are huge lines at gas stations, and face masks have ended in pharmacies.

All residents are required to be in them in public places, but whether this helps to contain the virus is not known. According to the WHO representative in China, such a large-scale quarantine is applied for the first time in history, and at this stage it is impossible to predict where this will lead.

The authorities of Hubei have confirmed that schools will remain closed after spring break, and the beginning of the spring semester will have to be postponed indefinitely.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Chinese have a New Year, and during this holiday month they make an average of 3 billion trips, both around the country and abroad. Based on these data, analysts say that the number of cases will continue to grow, but the representative of WHO says that this is not an indicator of the severity of the outbreak, while mortality remains at a fairly low level.

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