California Open But Enterprises Suffer From New Constraints

California Open But Enterprises Suffer From New Constraints

The state of California has allowed some businesses to open up gradually and in stages. People are adapting to new realities, given that more than 70 thousand people fell ill with COVID-19 and about 3 thousand people died

California is gradually opening. Governor Gavin Newsom allows enterprises in various fields to start their operations. A number of parks and golf clubs reopen. However, all newly discovered areas are far from pre-epidemic.

Orders for business must be made online or by phone. There are other obstacles. For example, the Los Angeles farmers market is limited. In addition, the number of customers has decreased.

Another business has a lot of difficulties. Ksenia Bay, the owner of this beauty salon, closed her salon in mid-March. She received help from the government to abolish the monthly rent, but this is not enough. New restrictions will significantly damage his business, even when he reopens in June.

She says that previously 14 customers were served simultaneously. Now, according to the new rules, this number is halved. She is worried that the salon may go bankrupt.

However, government officials respond to such criticism by saying that the country is contagious. They are trying to open the states, adapting them to a new reality.

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