Boston Dynamics robotic dogs get real work

Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs Get Real Work

Boston Dynamics robotic dog videos are gaining millions of views. Many people ask questions: can such a robot bring real benefits? It turns out – yes!

In September 2019, the company announced that robotic dogs would be available to those customers who were willing to offer them a job. The other day, one of them was assigned to patrol a drilling rig at an oil field in Norway. He will independently collect data on gas leaks, generate and transmit reports to the office.

For several months, various companies ordered 75 dogs. Some are going to use them in works that are considered dangerous to people, for example, in rescue operations, others – to monitor the situation at construction sites and power plants. One of the robots even goes on assignments with police sappers in Massachusetts, USA.

Boston Dynamics plans to produce another thousand robots and modify them to the needs of specific customers. Already, their dogs are able to not only collect data, but also put them on a map, as well as open doors with a lever.

They can work in the rain, reach a speed of 1.6 meters per second and withstand temperatures from -16 * С to + 45 * С. However, they are not yet designed to interact with people and are less autonomous than you might think when watching videos.

Of course, dogs from Boston Dynamics are far from the first robots that are used for various works. But they are one of the few that resembles living things.

Competition in video popularity they could make bipedal robots from Agility Robotics. Recently, this startup sold one of its creations to Ford, which intends to use it for home delivery.

The Digit robot is capable of carrying loads of up to 18 kg, independently raising and lowering objects, and moving around using cameras and sensors. But to get around the obstacle, he still needs the help of a person who will connect remotely.

In 2020, Agility Robotics plans to make 20 robots. According to the directors, they will be sold at “six-figure prices.” Their first customers, Ford, want to put the robot in an automated car so that delivery is carried out without human intervention. The car will travel around the city, performing the functions of both a taxi and a courier, while Digit will charge in the car and carry the packages to the doors.

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