Bloomberg promised to spend $ 1 billion to fight with trump in the election

Bloomberg promised to spend $ 1 billion to fight with trump in the election

Former New York Mayor, entrepreneur and campaigner Michael Bloomberg said he was ready to spend $ 1 billion of his own funds to support a Democratic candidate in the U.S. presidency to confront incumbent President Donald Trump. The New York Times wrote about this on Sunday, January 12.

The billionaire emphasized that if the Democratic Party chooses another candidate for election, he is still financially ready to support this candidate if necessary. “It depends on whether the candidate will need help or not. If their affairs go well, they will need less. If not, they will need more, ”explained the ex-mayor of New York.

It is noted that Bloomberg since March 2019 spent more than $ 200 million on advertising to promote his candidacy, including on the Internet. According to the publication, former US President Barack Obama spent a similar amount on his entire advertising campaign in 2012.

Last February, it was reported that Michael Bloomberg was ready to spend at least $ 500 million to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected President of the United States in the upcoming elections. Later in November, the entrepreneur registered as a candidate from the US Democratic Party in the primary presidential election.

The name of the Democratic candidate in the 2020 US presidential election will become known at the party’s national congress, which will be held June 13–16, 2020 in Milwaukee. The elections will be held on November 3, 2020.

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