Blood Vessel Obstruction in Patients with Severe Coronavirus

Blood Vessel Obstruction in Patients with Severe Coronavirus

Approximately 30% of patients with severe coronavirus develop blood vessel obstruction.

This was reported by medical experts. According to them, clogging of blood vessels, or, as it is commonly called, thrombosis, is the main cause of death.

Vascular inflammation is caused by pneumonia caused by a virus. Since March, when coronavirus began to spread rapidly around the world, doctors report a high percentage of blood clots. Doctors have reported other unexpected cases, including hundreds of microblocks in the lungs of some patients. There has been a significant increase in the number of people hospitalized with clogged blood vessels in the legs, which can be fatal if clogged blood escapes from the blood vessels in the legs and travels to the lungs, blocking blood flow to this respiratory organ.

In addition, according to Ruupen Aria, a professor of thrombosis at Kings College Hospital in London, a recent study found that people with coronavirus therapy in the hospital had a blockage of blood vessels in their lungs. He believes that in patients with an extremely severe form of coronavirus, blood clots can exceed 30 percent.

Blood clots are caused by increased blood viscosity. However, anticoagulant drugs that are commonly used for thrombosis are not very effective in this case. And if taken at higher doses, the chances of starting bleeding increase, which usually leads to death.

Currently, a group of scientists has begun work on a drug for the treatment of blood clots caused by coronavirus. The main thing, doctors say, is to determine an individual dose for each patient, which will analyze the blocked blood until it reaches the lung tissue.

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