Ben Affleck calls divorce from Jennifer Garner “the biggest regret in life”

Ben Affleck calls divorce from Jennifer Garner the biggest regret in life

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced the separation in 2015, and three years later they officially divorced. Despite the fact that a lot of time has passed after the pair’s breakup, the actor admitted that he still regrets it. He spoke about this in a new interview for The New York Times.

He said that divorce is the biggest regret that has happened to him in life. For a long time he was overwhelmed by a sense of shame and this acted on him toxicly, according to Affleck.

Affleck, 47, said frankly that his alcohol problems caused the divorce from Garner, 47.

He also added that in 2015-2016, he drank in normal quantities for a long time. But when his marriage began to fall apart, he began to drink more and more. His drunkenness gave rise to many problems in the family, according to the actor.

Because of problems with alcohol, according to Affleck, he refused and the role of Batman in the movie “Batman” in the end she went to Robert Pattinson.

Despite this, Affleck and Garner remained on good terms. The actress herself personally took him to a rehabilitation center for treatment and helped him cope with his addiction. Affleck and Garner also continued to celebrate family holidays together – in the marriage, the spouses had three children: daughters Violet and Serafina and son Samuel, and they regularly meet together.

The last time Ben was in Rehab in 2018 was when he spent 40 days there. However, he did not seem to be able to completely cope with alcohol addiction: in October last year, he appeared drunk at a Halloween party. However, the actor himself, who recently starred in The Way Back, is optimistic about the future.

“It’s not very useful for me to focus on failures or relapses and torment myself. Of course, I made mistakes. Of course, I did the things I regret. But you need to pull yourself together, learn from this, learn something else and try move forward, “he concluded.

In the picture, he, by the way, played a basketball coach who is struggling with alcohol addiction and is trying to save the marriage.

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