Avocado is good for the brain in obesity

Avocado is good for the brain in obesity

Daily use of avocados improves the brain’s ability to mindfulness. Moreover, this is noted in obese people, as shown by a study by scientists from the United States.

Avocado contains gluten – a dietary component useful for cognitive activity. Previously, scientists studied the effects of avocados on children and adults, but there was no randomized and controlled clinical trial regarding the cognitive effects of this fruit on the brains of overweight or obese adults. It was now conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois, using 84 adults with large volumes of weight.

Observations of all continued for 12 weeks, the participants were divided into two groups. Both groups received the same number of calories and macronutrients, but the menu in the first group included fresh avocados every day, and there was no fruit in the control group. At the beginning and after the end of the observation period, all volunteers passed through three cognitive tests. All also determined the concentration of lutein in the brain.

The results of the study showed that when avocados were included in the diet, people increased the results of a cognitive test that evaluates attentiveness, that is, the ability to focus on solving particular problems under the condition of distracting factors. At the same time, other cognitive tests were performed by members of the group with avocados no better than those who did not consume this fruit.

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