Americans celebrate Presidents’ Day

Americans celebrate Presidents' Day

On the third Monday of February, Americans honor their presidents. For almost 100 years, the United States celebrated the birthday of its first president, George Washington, on February 22. However, only in 1968 did this traditional celebration become an official national holiday.

It was then that Congress decided that a number of public holidays would be celebrated on Mondays. And today, Americans honor the country’s first president not on February 22, but on the third Monday of this month.

People call the holiday the Presidents’ Day. Many associate him with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, born on February 12.

However, the federal government still calls Washington a holiday.

Interestingly, due to the appointment of a holiday in honor of George Washington on the third Monday of February, it never coincides with his real birthday. Although two more former US presidents were born in February: William Henry Gerrison and Ronald Reagan, their birthdays also do not coincide with the date of Presidents Day, according to the US History Channel.

Perhaps the most famous monument that honors American presidents is a bas-relief on Mount Rushmore.

The image of the four presidents is carved right in the rock in honor of the outstanding role they played in history: (from left to right) George Washington – for the establishment of the state, Thomas Jefferson – with the assistance of the growth of the young republic, Theodore Roosevelt – for the development of the country and Abraham Lincoln – for maintaining US unity.

Many Americans on this day honor all presidents from history and modernity. And for others, this day is an occasion to remember exactly about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

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