American Designers Cut and Sold Painting by Damien Hirst

American Designers Cut and Sold Painting by Damien Hirst

Designers from New York bought a painting by a British artist, and, having cut into many parts, they resell 8.5 times more expensive. It is reported by CNN.

The Brooklyn art team MSCHF acquired for $ 30 thousand the work of the British artist Damien Hirst under the title “L-Isoleucine T-Butyl Ester”. It was a white canvas with multi-colored dots.

Painting by Damien Hirst

Hirst created more than a thousand similar paintings in 1986-2011.

Artists cut the painting into squares with sides of about 9 cm. As a result, 88 separate images with dots were obtained. On the flip side, the MSCHF left autographs.

Designers cut and sold painting by Damien Hirst

Each of the dots was sold for $ 480. According to artists, they managed to sell all the images in just 38 seconds. MSCHF revenue amounted to $ 42,240, therefore, net profit from the sale of the cut picture – more than $ 12 thousand.

What remains of the work of art (white squares and Hirst’s signature) was also auctioned. Rates have already exceeded $ 215 thousand.

Thus, when artists resell the remains of a work of art, they will be able to earn about $ 247 thousand. This is 8.5 times the original cost of the painting.

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