Alpina Announces AlpinerX Alive Hybrid Smartwatch

Alpina announces AlpinerX Alive hybrid smartwatch

Do you miss Swiss watches with smart features? In fact, such watches are quite popular, and there are people who decided not to choose between classics and the same Apple Watch, but took something in between.

There are not as many classic watch models with smart features on the market as we would like. Swiss watchmaker Alpina introduced the new AlpinerX Alive, which combines an analog dial with hands and a small screen to display other important things.

What smart features does the watch have?

The first feature is an optional touch OLED display. You can display on it both the information you need now (heart rate indicators, if you are involved in sports, or a timer, for example), and static information that will be displayed constantly (date, percentage of charge, etc.). Notifications and information about the caller will also be displayed on the screen.

What smart features does the watch have?

The second feature is the sensors. The watch has a heart rate sensor developed by Philips, as well as GPS for tracking sports performance. The watch also monitors the body’s hydration, advises you to take a break and relax and make up special exercises that are right for you. All information about your condition will be available in the proprietary application.

The third feature is that the watch needs to be charged. The original AlpinerX model is battery powered and does not require recharging, but the AlpinerX Alive version on a single charge will last up to seven days.

What versions are available?

Two 45 mm versions will go on sale and you can choose the case material – blue fiberglass or polished stainless steel. The online configurator allows you to assemble your design, the choice is wide: you can choose the dial, strap, color of the internal frame and the color of the hands. And this is good!

What versions are available?

Where to buy and how much?

The most basic version will be available for $ 1,000 – this is a version of blue fiberglass, but the steel watch is already offered for $ 1,350. The company announced a fundraiser to launch production ( – you can buy watches at a discount, crowdfunding will end in early June.

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