A New Draft Resolution of the US Congress Calls for Holding Putin’s Regime Accountable for Human Rights Violations

A New Draft Resolution of the US Congress Calls for Holding Putins Regime Accountable for Human Rights Violations

The draft resolution, submitted to the US Congress on May 11, calls on Russia to release political prisoners, and also calls on the administration of US President Donald Trump to impose sanctions on Russian officials responsible for human rights violations, harassment of journalists, opposition members, civil society representatives, and activists in the field religious freedoms.

The creators of the draft resolution were congressmen of both parties, including Eliot Engel, Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Republican Committee member Michael McCall.

“Vladimir Putin is a brutal authoritarian ruler who has long suppressed civil liberties, including freedom of the press, the words of the political opposition and democracy,” Engel said in a statement.

“Putin is most afraid of the truth. The Russian president has transformed the rule of law on repression, silencing journalists, threatening political opponents and depriving civil activists, Ukrainian, religious and ethnic minorities of their will, ”says Michael McCall.

The resolution calls on the Russian government to immediately release persons identified by the Center for Human Rights Memorial as political prisoners, in accordance with the criteria of a PACE resolution.

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