600 rolls of toilet paper stolen in Hong Kong. Coronavirus deficit in city

600 rolls of toilet paper stolen in Hong Kong. Coronavirus deficit in city

In Hong Kong, armed men stole hundreds of toilet rolls for a total of HK $ 1,695 (US $ 218).

The thing is that the city is experiencing a shortage of toilet paper, this is caused by rush demand against the backdrop of the coronavirus epidemic.

The robbers, threatening with knives, took away the scarce cargo from the delivery man next to the Wellcome supermarket in the Wonkok area, police said. This part of Hong Kong is notorious for its gangs.

Law enforcers, in hot pursuit, arrested two men, having discovered part of the missing toilet paper, the local media reported.

According to CNN, the attackers stole 600 rolls of paper.

The city’s stores are sorely lacking in this product, and when new batches arrive, long lines are lined up for toilet paper.

Local authorities tried to assure the population that the outbreak of coronavirus does not affect the supply of toilet paper, but residents still try to stock up on it for the future.

People also buy rice, pasta, and cleaning products in bulk.

It is almost impossible to find face masks and disinfectants on sale.

Authorities blame the spread of rumors in this situation. According to them, the supply of food stocks and household goods remains stable.

In addition to Hong Kong, toilet paper, disinfectants and face masks are massively bought in Singapore, where 75 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported.

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