3 Conditions for the Opening of Schools During COVID 19 were Announced by the American Public Health Service

3 Conditions for the Opening of Schools During COVID-19 were Announced by the American Public Health Service

The Centers for Disease Control in the United States recommends answering three key questions before resuming schools to determine if an institution is able to resume operations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a possibility to resume work

This condition is met if the resumption of work does not contradict the instructions of the authorities, the school is ready to protect children and people at high risk of complications and is ready daily after coming to school, to check children and staff for symptoms and contact history.

Safety and health guidelines are followed

  • Hygiene rules are followed, such as hand washing, and employees cover their faces with a cloth, if possible.
  • Washing, disinfection and ventilation are actively used.
  • Social distancing is encouraged by increasing available space, working in small groups, and, if possible, limiting contact between groups.
  • All employees must be trained in health safety.

Constant monitoring is carried out

  • Procedures have been developed and applied to identify signs and symptoms in children and staff on a daily basis upon arrival, whenever possible.
  • Everyone who falls ill is encouraged to stay at home.
  • Plans have been developed in case of illness of children or employees.
  • There is constant communication with local authorities, staff and families about cases, risks and rules.
  • The absence of students and staff is monitored and the availability of trained staff is ensured, as well as the availability of a flexible system of vacations.
  • Be prepared to consult with local public health authorities if there are incidents in the facility or an increase in incidents in the area.

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